Hand baggages

Only one piece of hand baggage and one accessory are allowed in the cabin. The maximum dimensions of your baggage must not exceed H 55 x W 35 x D 25 cm per passenger. The weight of your baggage must not exceed 10kg

The accessory may be a handbag, briefcase, camera, laptop computer, or an item smaller than the dimensions given above. 

The total weight of your cabin baggage and the accessory must not exceed 12kg.

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Checked baggages

Number of checked baggage items
The number of checked baggage items you can transport free of charge depends on your fare and cannot exceed 3 per person per flight. Your baggage information is displayed when you choose your flights. 


Checked baggage size and weight

Checked baggage items must not exceed the dimensions: height + width + depth (including wheels and handles) = 158 cm maximum.

The maximum weight allowed per checked baggage item is 23 kg.
Please note that infants not occupying a seat are allowed one 10 kg checked baggage item.
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A + B + C = 158 cm

Is your luggage missing or damaged?


– Track your baggage: contact the station that reported the loss

– If your baggage has not been found within 21 days: fill out the form



– Apply for compensation online by filling out this form



Apply for a refund online by filling out this form

Please note

In order to protect the health of the staff, we kindly ask you to limit or split the weight of your luggage and to choose luggage easily graspable (with handles). 

Ungraspable/”ball” luggage and luggage exceeding 23 kg will only be accepted in exceptional cases and will be subject to a fare adjustment.

If your ticket does not include luggage, you can book one in advance for €25. At the airport, 45€. 
The second checked baggage item (23 kg) is charged 45€ if you book in advance, or 80€ at the airport. 

If you are travelling with several additional baggages, please contact us (+33 1 83 62 95 00 /

Optimum and Flex fare
IN THE CABIN: one piece of luggage + one accessory only, weighing up to 12kg in total and whose dimensions do not exceed 55x35x25 cm.
IN THE HOLD: one piece of luggage weighing up to 10kg and one folding stroller or one baby carrier with a backpack-type frame, one car seat.


Light fare
IN THE CABIN: one piece of luggage + one accessory weighing up to 12kg in total and whose dimensions do not exceed 55x35x25 cm.  
IN THE HOLD: This fare does not include checked baggage but a folding stroller and a car seat are allowed free of charge.

Bulky baggage should not exceed 300 cm. They are charged 40€, only at the airport.

If the weight of your checked baggage exceeds the weight included in your fare, but does not exceed 32 kg, you will have to pay an airport surcharge of 70€.